Educational Exportation

The idea of guns or military style security in a school or any public place seems appalling to me.  I would imagine that most people that support this never experienced this when they were in school.  No one had guns in schools.  It’s silly to think that a person or an authority person with a […]

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A truly cartoon statement from the president of the United States.  This is a 70 year old man that can’t even walk a golf course, but he would rush into a school being shot up and take out the shooter like Bruce Willis.  


Finally – Call It B.S.!

  The NRA confirmed that in the last election they spent at least $30 million to get Trump elected and other politicians willing to pander to them.  This isn’t about politicians with stupid ideas.   These people know exactly what they need to say and do to keep the gravy train coming. Florida is owned by […]

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Hawaii! Good Jack Lord! NO!

Hawaii has a false missile alert and the corporate media goes crazy about how this could even happen, and how horrifying it must have been for Hawaiians.  No mention or comparison to what the people feel or go through daily in the seven countries that the USA bombs. The Trump administration has increased the number […]

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In just the last month the Trump administration has denied climate change and worked toward “Making America Great Again” by embracing the fossil fuel industries in one big bear hug while the rest of the world is moving away from dirty energy sources. Some points: Trump expands off shore drilling even though Florida Governor Scott […]

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