Political Abuse

With the latest GOP Tax Plan, the removal of Net Neutrality and Roy Moore coming along just fine for the Corporatists.  It seems that no one in politics is really interested in helping the US citizen.   Advertisements

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As the Republican party of Trump is hoping to give an early Christmas present to the wealthy and corporations with their new tax plan – the media dwells sex scandals from Hollywood to Washington, DC..  

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Religious Abuse

I’ve never been one to understand how people get caught up in organized religion.  I really avoid religion like I avoid the almighty television.  You can’t avoid hearing about television shows like “Game Of Thrones” or “House of Cards” in our culture – any more than you can avoid religion.  I know about both subjects, […]

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One At A Time, Please!

I have always thought that Democrats and Republicans work together or play “good cop/bad cop” to keep the US voter thinking that we have a two party political system – both run by corporate interests. I am glad that Trump is being investigated, but nothing will come out of this than a few people pay […]

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Political Sports

In 40 years I have never seen a difference between the Democrats and the Republicans.  Maybe little nuisances like gay marriage and abortion.  They are both corporate owned, and neither work for the US citizen. Is it surprising that both parties would be tied up to Russia?   No.  

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Carving Up the Pumpkins

Educational Secretary, Betsy DeVos, holding to the Trump administration to abolish anything Obama has turned to eliminating guidelines that were meant to encourage sexual assault reporting on college campuses.  She has replaced the Obama guidelines to allow more protection be given the accused.

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Everybody knows,….

The corporate media keeps playing into the ridiculousness of Trumps’ comments to the widow of fallen Sgt. La David Johnson and congressperson Frederica Wilson.   There is no story  here – this is my take on what happened.

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